Spectylinc Soluble

Project details


Spectinomycin (sulfate tetrahydrate) …………………. 44.4 g

Lincomycin (hydrochloride) ………………………………… 22.2 g

Vehicle q.s.


Broad-spectrum water-soluble antibiotic containing Spectinomycin and Lincomycin as active ingredients, for oral administration in poultry and swine.

How Supplied

Pouches containing 100, 500, and 1000 g


Target Species

Poultry, swine.


For the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, arthritis and enteritis caused by microorganisms susceptible to the combination of spectinomycin and lincomycin.


The product is for oral administration in the animals’ drinking water, dissolving the required amount of product in the estimated amount of water the animals consume daily. Place the required amount of powder in a bucket, add the water and stir until complete dissolution.

Administer 0.8 g of product per liter of drinking water, equivalent to 2 g of antibiotic activity per gallon of drinking water (150 mg/kg bw), every 24 hours during the first 5 to 7 days after birth.

Administer 0.27 g of product per liter of drinking water (equivalent to 50 mg/kg bw), every 24 hours, for one to two days around the third or fourth week of age, or when the animal is vaccinated.

Administer 0.10 g of product per liter of drinking water (equivalent to 10 mg/kg bw) every 24 hours for 4 to 7 days.

Note: One teaspoon is equivalent to approximately 2.5 g of product.

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