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Oxytocin ………………………….10 IU/mL

For labor induction and milk letdown.

How Supplied
Vials containing 50 ml

Target Species
Cows, mares, sows, does, ewes, female cats and dogs.

Oxytocin is indicated for the induction or increase of uterine contractions during labor, placenta retention, and post-partum metritis. It is also used as a galactogogue, as it stimulates milk letdown; it promotes the retraction of myoepithelial cells around mammary alveoli, which helps milk flow to the nipples.

Species        Parturition (IU)              Milk letdown (IU)
Cat            5-10       (0.5-1 ml)           1-5       (0.1-0.5 ml)
Dog           5-25        (0.5-2.5 ml)       2-10      (0.2-1 ml)
Ewe         30-50       (3-5 ml)             5-20       (0.5-2 ml)

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